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We first assess and discuss what the potential drivers of somatic pain may be


Together we will work with your body's unique needs and most appropriate methods of intervention


Start your body's natural healing processes by working hands-on with the  myofascia, the central nervous system, and consciousness


We will always be in dialogue of what is best for you as your body begins to heal, change, and balance

My practice

Private bodywork sessions can range widely from deep listening in stillness to very dynamic movement during hands-on application.  We can work together to find the most effective and helpful way to work with your specific needs.


You will always be involved in some way. Working together during hands-on techniques or effective movements, our session together can help relieve stress and pain throughout the body, create a deeper sense of balance, and can assist you in becoming a more comfortable human being.


I utilize an integrated approach with several potent Manual Therapies including:

Awareness Oriented Structural Integration is a 10-session, non-symptom specific protocol. Think of it as a series of goals to help Your body return to balance with gravity through conscious engagement. In doing so ailments may fall away and what's left is a more integrated and comfortable  human.

Visionary Craniosacral Therapy, as the name suggests, is hands-on work mainly with the cranium and sacrum, however the whole mind-body and spirit is always taken into account. Light pressure at cranial sutures allows a deeper sensing and release of chronically held tissues and can facilitate drastic change with minimal invasiveness.


The John F. Barnes Myofascial Release Approach is something of both MFR and CranioSacral therapy. Nothing is forced as we are working throughout the body. This gentle work suggests, as I have come to believe and understand, change comes from within. All we need is a safe space to engage on this deeper level.

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