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I have been practicing bodywork since 2006. From a very young age I was intrigued by the body-mind connection

I have followed that source of fascination to a wonderful life that includes my loving wife Ally and three sons; Ever, Jaime and Jesse and my two dogs Arlo and Kenzie. RIP Ruca


My free time is spent mostly with my family, enjoying all that Oregon has to offer: hiking, surfing, snowshoeing, biking, fishing..

I believe we each have an innate wisdom to feel and heal from wounds, whether they be externally or internally generated.

I want people to feel somatically freed

in the deepest way.


My hands on work draws upon  Structural Integration, Somatic Awareness Therapy, Visionary Craniosacral Work, and Manual Therapy techniques. I hold space for the deep connection between consciousness, body, mind,

and heart.

Helping a person to inhabit their body in the most  comfortable, un-oppressed way possible is ongoing work, both professionally and personally.

Pain in the body can be signals of unresolved imbalances, whether from external or internal traumas.


If we listen and feel these signals wholly, I believe we can achieve something so simple and yet so elusive to many of us.

Private sessions are designed to work with each individuals needs and experience level. Please do not hesitate to reach out and ask for more info.


My ultimate goal in working with people is Peace.

Foundational Trainings


700 hour massage therapy certification program, focus in Awareness Oriented  Structural Integration. I attended the Pacific Center for Awareness and Bodywork (PCAB) and studied directly with directors/owners Lee Joseph and Carole Madsen.


350 hour student teacher training program  at PCAB. This year I started a perpetual mentor/friendship with Lee Joseph and he schooled me in Awareness Oriented  Structural Integration, Hakomi, Gestalt therapy, Clinical Hypnotherapy, and instruction in Advaita Vedanta.


100 hour course in Advanced Foundations   of Rolfing Structural Integration at the Dr. Ida Rolf Institute in Boulder, CO., formerly The Rolf Institute. Dr. Ida Rolf was an inspiration to my profession and the creator of Structural Integration. 

This work is based on my study of different types of effective Manual Therapy techniques and a professional  career spanning 18 years.

By combining anatomical and fascial understandings from  Structural Integration with subtle listening skills developed through Somatic Awareness Therapy and Visionary Craniosacral Work, I endeavor to create a useful atmosphere for learning and receiving bodywork.

Educational environments are geared towards bodyworkers wishing to deepen in effectiveness in manual therapies, Osteopathic understandings, and inner guidance.


Private bodywork sessions can range from deep listening in stillness to dynamic movement during hands-on application.  The client will always be involved in some way.


Whether in the depths of the craniosacral rhythm or during effective movements, our session together can help relieve stress and pain throughout the body, create a deeper sense of balance, and can assist you in becoming a more comfortable human being.

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